Twelve Magritte for Wallimage

  • 08.02.2016

Not surprisingly, it was The Brand New Testament that won the Magritte for best film, while Jaco was elected best director for the second time in six years. A Magritte for the best scenario and one for the best music (for Anne Pierlé) complete the panoply of the feature film which attracted nearly 300,000 spectators in Belgian cinemas, making it the third most seen French-speaking Belgian film after The Eighth Day (by the same Jaco Van Dormael!) and It happened near you !


The great sensations of the evening were the acting prizes that went to two Flemish actors, themselves a little stunned (Veerle Baetens and Wim Willaert) while the Magritte for Best Flemish Film went to D’Ardennena production that, despite its title, had not been submitted to the Walloon Fund. In a very funny way, the producer Bart Van Langendonck from Savage admitted on stage that it was a mistake on his part and that he was already thanking Wallimage for the next file that would allow him to get another Magritte!(The Faithful by Michael Roskam ?)

For the rest, the ceremony was once again placed under the sign of unbridled humor (more visual and less corrosive than usual), animated in all surrealist relaxation by Charlie Dupont who knew how to energize an evening retransmitted for the second time on the big screen, at the UGC of Brouckère (big room) and at Imagix Mons. The opportunity for all movie lovers to discover Mirage d’Amour, also co-produced by Wallimage, which will be released in Belgium on Wednesday.

Marie Gillain, president of the Magritte, went to the UGC to present the film with the director, Hubert Toint.


The 2016 harvest is therefore once again exciting for Wallimage even if, as we specify during each financing session, our selection is not based on the artistic side of the film, but essentially on its investments in Wallonia and its commercial potential. Nevertheless, festival performances and awards like these contribute to the notoriety of not only the films, but also of all those who participated in them and are eventually awarded as individuals. This is ultimately an asset for the entire region.

Financially involved in feature films such as Les premiers, les derniers, La fille inconnue, Les chevaliers blancs or l’économie du couple (to name only four), Wallimage is already looking forward to the next edition of the Magritte. It should not be disappointing.