20th Wallimage/Bruxellimage session: 6 films!

  • 13.05.2015

With six projects selected (plus one series), this session enters our little record book.
As usual, Entre Chien et Loup brought us Sam Garbarski‘s new feature film, a film set in Germany just after World War II, which explains its title: David und die teilacher .

After the war, a group of Jewish friends who have decided to stay put despite the abuses they have endured try to make a living by selling linens. But one of them is interrogated by the American army, because he is suspected of collaboration with the Nazi regime.

Funny, touching, poignant and also dark on occasion, this film will be shot in Luxembourg and Germany, but most of the post-production will be done in Brussels and Wallonia.

This is the second time that Sam Garbarski will direct the German star Moritz Bleibtreu, who was already the star of My friend Vijay . The excellent script is written by Michel Bergmann, with Sam’s contribution. Our experts concluded that it was an unlikely cross between Gates of Glory andHomeland . Strange? Certainly. But nevertheless very right…

The file was welcomed with all the more pleasure as co-productions with Germany are undoubtedly a very interesting avenue for our producers. This project illustrates this without a doubt.

Scope Pictures is back in France… and in comedy. The pitch of Love is dead is already a poem in itself: you all know dating sites or marriage agencies, Love is dead is the first agency specialized in love breakups.

Convenient! No need to face the person you are leaving, Mathias Lonisse takes care of it. With brilliance. It also ensures that the abandoned spouse cannot find his or her former companion who is rehoused and disappears completely off the radar. Next to Love is Dead, the FBI’s witness protection program is a big joke.

But life is also about emotions, and when Mathias is directly confronted with his method, he suddenly has doubts. Fortunately, the young employee he has just recruited is learning very quickly. And has no qualms

The shooting ofÉric Capitaine ‘s first feature film will start on July 23 and will take place entirely in Belgium with a trio of promising young actors: Benjamin Lavernhe, Vanessa Guide and the up and coming Belgian : Erika Sainte.


We stay in the department of French comedy for another feelgood movie that Nexus factory offered us.

With Souvenirs (1 million admissions) and La Famille Bélier (7 million viewers), Sylvain Goldberg and Serge de Poucques found their way and made very good contacts in France. After bringing us La Tour de contrôle infernale and Les Visiteurs  3 , they’re back with another great feature: Comment j’ai rencontré mon père, the first feature by Frenchman Maxime Motte, who will shoot his film in Belgium, in Brussels and on the coast. With François-Xavier Demaison, Isabelle Carré and Albert Delpy in a very original role of a grandfather made for him.

Ava is a family court judge, Eliot is a bookseller. He is above all an overprotective father for Enguerrand, the little black boy they have adopted. Ava explained to her son that his biological father was dead, but Enguerran does not want to admit it. When one evening, on the beach, he sees a stowaway disembark, he decides immediately that his father has returned. But Citseko just wants to go to England to find his brother who found him a job.
Funny, lively and moving, Comment j’ai rencontré mon père is not only in tune with the times, it is also an excellent remedy to the ambient gloom and to the little annoying pettinesses that rot our existence.
In the technical team, largely composed of Belgian technicians, we will cross with pleasure the Brussels Alina Santos, Magritte of the best decor for Dead Man talking. The post-production of this film, which has an impressive budget in Belgium, will be carried out in Wallonia.


Proposed by Tarantula, Neither Heaven nor Earth is a finished film. It will even be programmed at the Cannes Film Festival, at La semaine de la critique.

Around Jérémie Renier, one of our most elusive and surprising actors, a choice cast has been composed: Kevin Azaïs, brother of Vincent Rottiers and César of the best hope 2015 for Les Combattants, Swann Arlaud (also to see soon in Baden Baden, another production… Tarantula, co-financed by Wallimage/Bruxellimage) and the intense Finnegan Oldfield.

Clément Cogitore ‘s feature film takes us to Afghanistan. As the withdrawal of troops approached, Captain Antares Bonassieu and his platoon were assigned to a surveillance mission in a remote valley of the Wakhan, bordering Pakistan. Despite the determination of Antares and his men, the control of this supposedly calm sector will gradually escape them. On a September night, soldiers mysteriously start to disappear in the valley.


A strange film… as will undoubtedly be My Angel,Harry Cleven ‘s new feature film whose script was co-written by Thomas Gunzig (photo) who has a great sense of pitch: My Angel tells the story of an invisible boy who falls in love with a blind girl.

From this preamble, the scriptwriters have woven a poetic and intriguing story … which we do not yet know very well what it will give to the screen.
The budget of the film is very limited, even if we find behind the project two major Belgian film makers: Jaco Van Dormael and Olivier Rausin, once again associated to the production. As for the New Testament.

Jaco’s daughter, Juliette Van Dormael, will be the chief operator of the film. Those who have seen the short films she has worked on are already salivating.

The film crew will be mainly from Brussels, while the post-production will be entrusted to Walloon companies. The shooting will be divided between the two regions.

The last film selected in this session is another low budget. It is a co-production between Belgium, France and Algeria provided here by a newcomer in the line-up of Wallimage: Annabella Nezri and her company Kwassa.

In The Juventus of Timgad, Jamel, a French archaeologist of Algerian origin, comes to excavate the sublime Roman ruins of the village of Timgad. The past is available to him, and the present falls upon him when he is promoted to soccer coach of the local team. He has eleven players of 12  years old, kids who juggle with a poor daily life, who have no jersey or shoes, but dribble with talent.

Between ancient vestiges and the wounds of recent struggles , Jamel  discovers on this field the tortuous roots and the young shoots of an Algeria which dreams of being reconciled… and a soccer champion.

If the shooting will take place mainly in the Maghreb, the post-production will be partly done at home. Mathieu Cox and Damien Keyeux will be in charge of the sound and editing of the film while some well-known actors will appear in the cast : Myriem Akheddiou, Lotfi  Yahya and Mourade Zeguendi will surround the children of the film and Samir Guesmi  who will play Jamel.