Very competitive 20th Wallimage/Bruxellimage investment round: six films

  • 13.05.2015

David und die teilacher is a new feature film produced by Entre Chien et Loup and directed by Sam Garbarski. Set in Germany in the wake of the Second World War, a group of Jewish friends trying to rebuild their lives launch a business together. One of them, suspected of collaborating with the Nazis, is on the radar of the US Army.

Humorous and touching, though sometimes dark, the film will be shot in Luxembourg and in Germany. The bulk of post-production will take place in Brussels and in Wallonia. It is worth noting that the fund has identified Germany as a strategic partner for developing co-productions.

The cast includes German star Moritz Bleibtreu. The script, co-written by Michel Bergmann and Garbaski, is said to be an interesting mix between Paths of Glory and Homeland !
Scope Pictures comes back with a French comedy, directed by Éric Capitaine. The film is entitled Love is dead, a reference to the first agency which specializes in breaking up love affairs! Break up expert Mathias Lonisse takes care of everything for those who want to get rid of their loving partners…

Starting on July 23, shooting will take place in Belgium, featuring a trio of promising young actors: Benjamin Lavernhe, Vanessa Guide and rising Belgian star, Erika Sainte.


Nexus has brought us a French comedy as well: Comment j’ai rencontré mon père directed by French director Maxime Motte. This new project marks the third collaboration of the funds with well-known producers Sylvain Goldberg and Serge de Poucques.

The film follows a young black boy who, while cherished by his adoptive parents, does not believe that his biological father is dead. When he meets an illegal migrant on a beach, he becomes convinced that he has found his biological father. This is a funny yet moving modern tale, a feel-good story!

Starring François-Xavier Demaison and Isabelle Carré, the film will be shot in Belgium. The mostly Belgian technical team includes Magritte award winning set designer Alina Santos (best setting for Dead Man talking). The bulk of postproduction will take place in Wallonia.


Presented by Tarantula, Ni le ciel ni la terre has been premiered and warmly applauded at Cannes’ Critics’ Week.

The impressive cast includes renowned actor Jérémie Renier and Kevin Azaïs, who received the 2015 Cesar award for most promising actor for les Combattants. Directed by Clément Cogitore the film takes place in 2014 in Afghanistan. As the withdrawal of troops approaches, Captain Antarès Bonassieu and his squad have been assigned a surveillance mission in a remote valley of Wakhan, on the border of Pakistan. As control of the secluded valley slowly falls out of their command, one dark night soldiers begin to mysteriously disappear…


Mon Ange is Harry Cleven’s new feature film, co-written with Thomas Gunzig.

It tells the story of an invisible boy who falls in love with a young blind girl. We look forward to discovering what form the film will take, which promises to be poetic! While on a small budget, the film is backed by two renowned film professionals: Jaco Van Dormael and Olivier Rausin. Juliette Van Dormael, Jaco’s daugther, will be the director of photography.
Managed by Brussels’ teams, filming will take place both in Brussels and in Wallonia. Post-production will be fully managed by Wallonian companies.

The last project selected is a Belgian, French and Algerian co-production, also on a low budget. The Belgian portion is backed by a new-comer in Wallimage scope: Annabella Nezri and her company Kwassa.

In La Juventus de Timgad, Jamel is a young French archeologist with Algerian roots. While conducting an archaeological excavation on the ruins of the remote village of Timgad, he is offered to become the coach of a local soccer team, a ragtag group of disadvantaged but talented 12-year old boys. On the field, Jamel will discover how the boys come to terms with their past and their dreams for their future.

Most of the filming will be conducted in Maghreb and postproduction will partly take place in Wallonia. Mathieu Cox and Damien Keyeux, respectively, will handle sound and editing. Actor Samir Guesmi will play Jamel.