Vigo Universal reopens in Namur and Wallimage Enter-prises acquires shares in the company

  • 30.03.2016

On 21 January 2016, Vigo Universal’s workspace in Namur was destroyed in a fire. The company certainly wouldn’t be reborn from its ashes without the strong commitment of its staff and its founder Christophe Hermanns. Just a few days after the terrible event, Vigo started a successful crowdfunding campaign and a week later operations resumed. Now, two months after the fire, the company is not only opening new offices but also celebrating the raising of 1 million euros in capital and investing in new technologies which will provide new jobs! Needless to say, Wallimage Enterprises is among the investors!

At the opening of its Replication Center 2.0, which took place last Friday, the company’s development partners and fans had the pleasure of meeting at the new showroom and seeing the services which have led to the company’s success: 3D Printing, 3D Scanning and laser cutting. They were able to enjoy free 3D Scanning sessions using the very innovative 3DBodyScan, and expe-rience the latest products! Many great surprises awaited them, including immersive experiences such as a flight over town using the new Oculus Rift glasses! Vigo, always at the cutting edge of innovation without ever losing any of its values, is expanding its offerings to include augmented reality and virtual reality technologies, as well as computer numerically-controlled (CNC) machines. 


For lovers of new technologies, here is the list of the services you can discover at the Replication Center 2.0:

Human and Animal Body 3D Scanning
3D Printing (various technologies)
3D Object Scanning
Human, Animal and Object 3D Printing
Laser cutting
Laser engraving
Vinyl cutting
Virtual Reality
Augmented reality
Consulting services
Training services

Last but not least to those who are interested in developing or promoting their own technologies: Vigo Universal took this opportunity to call for technological partnerships. Do not hesitate to contact them about consulting, training or prototyping!
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