Vigo Universal reopens in Namur and Wallimage enters the company's capital

  • 30.03.2016

On January 21, 2016, the Namur premises of Vigo Universal disappeared in a fire. But this was without the determination of its teams, headed by its founder Christophe Hermanns. A few days after the disastrous incident, Vigo launched a call for support through a crowdfunding campaign and no less than a week later, the company was back in business. Two months later, not content with inaugurating its brand new Replication Center, the company is celebrating a fundraising of 1 million euros and investment in new technologies with the key to job creation! Needless to say, Wallimage Entreprises is one of the investors !

On Friday, March 25, for the opening of the Replication Center 2.0., the company’s partners and fans had the pleasure of finding the products that have always made the showroom a success: 3D printing, 3D scanning and laser cutting. They were able to benefit from free 3D scanning sessions thanks to the very innovative 3DBodyScan, and to experience the new features of 2016! Many surprises awaited them, including immersive experiences such as the flight over Namur with the Oculus Rift headset! Indeed, Vigo, always at the forefront without losing its values, expands its offer and now offers Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and CNC (Computer Controlled Machine Tools) technologies.


For the amateurs, here is the list of new technologies to discover at the Replication Center 2.0..:

3D scanning of humans and animals3D printing (several techniques)
3D scanning of objects
3D printing of human beings, animals or objects
Laser cutting
Laser engraving
Cutting on vinyl
Virtual reality
Augmented reality
The training

Finally, for those who wish to develop or promote their technology: Vigo Universal took the opportunity to launch a call for technology partnerships. Do not hesitate to contact them for consulting, training or even prototyping!