Virginie Nouvelle in the Spotlight

  • 08.07.2020

This week, all the French-speaking Belgian dailies have welcomed the appointment of Virginie Nouvelle as General Manager of Wallimage, replacing Philippe Reynaert who will retire on December 1st after 20 years of loyal service.

L’Écho,Le Soir, L’Avenir  (excellent and very complete article by Michael Degré) and La Dernière Heure relayed the information while La Libre Belgique made, on Tuesday, the current director of Wallimage Entreprises its woman of the day on the second page of the daily newspaper. A beautiful and laudatory portrait, except for one small distraction, since Virginie Nouvelle was indeed the candidate recommended by the assessment company Perfect Team, which confirmed it in an e-mail that everyone can request from us. This is to gently close a debate that was never a debate in the jury in charge of examining the applications or within the board of directors of Wallimage, which made its decision this Monday in Namur in the offices of our Minister, Willy Borsus.

Écran Total, the French professional magazine in which Wallimage had published advertisements for the recruitment of its new spearhead, also communicated the information on its website, in its newsletter and even more widely in its printed version under the pen of the excellent Thierry Leclercq.

A nice grouping for an arrival whose importance does not escape anyone : succeeding a personality of Philippe Reynaert’s stature will be a stimulating challenge, especially since, as Alain Lallemand points out in Le Soir, the economic stakes that the Belgian audiovisual industry will soon face will be extremely complicated to negotiate.

As the head of a very feminine team, supported internally by the entire staff, Virginie Nouvelle was an obvious choice, since she has a rare profile as a specialist in economic matters, having been immersed for years in the Walloon backstage production of films, documentaries and series.

At 38 years old, she has the energy, the intelligence and the lucidity to develop for many years an adequate and indispensable support to the whole regional audiovisual industry. In fact, she got right back to work as soon as her appointment was announced. Because, oh yes, no one has written it yet, is also a great worker.