Wallimage, 53rd session : Nexus, Versus and Panic

  • 25.03.2015

As you know: Wallimage is a regional economic fund and in this respect its financing sessions consider the cinema under its most prosaic angle, but also the most determining for all the Walloon actors, technicians and industrialists who work in the 7th art.
Because money, whatever one wants to think about it, remains the nerve of the war.

Joachim Lafosse brilliantly reminds us of this with a new project that we did not expect so soon. While we hope to discover his White Knights at Cannes, the Belgian director intends to shoot a new feature film very soon, in a very contrasting vein.

L’économie du Couple will bring Roschdy Zem and Bérénice Béjo face to face, a couple who have lived a beautiful story, but who are about to separate. However, if they seem to agree on the principle, they are less so on the financial arrangements that should govern the divorce.

Co-written with Fanny Burdino, Thomas Van Zuylen and especially Mazarine Pingeot, from whom the heroine borrows many characteristics, this ultra-realistic confrontation, very typical of our time, will be shot in the studio in Brussels. But above all, the editing, sound and post-production work on the image will be offered to Walloon companies.

Versus is naturally in charge of the production. With the Worso films.


The other film selected at this 53rd session is very, very different. This is the third part of the Visitors, subtitled Terror. The return of Jacquouille and Godefroid de Montmirail To finance this mastodon, Nexus factory is associated with Gaumont and a Czech producer who will supervise the part of the shooting which will take place in Eastern Europe.

The cast includes Christian Clavier and Jean Reno, of course, but also Karin Viard, Franck Dubosc, and a host of Belgian actors including Stéphanie Crayencour, Éric de Staercke, Jean-Luc Couchard, Christian Hecq, Christelle Cornil, Alexandre Von Sievers, or the young… Elliot Goldberg (10 years old).
The shooting of this mega production will last 62 days. 12 will be located in Wallonia. The picture editing will be done at the Baraque à film, the sound work at Dame Blanche Genval. The tricks will be done at Olivier de Laveleye and at the Other Company. Both established in Wallonia.


Belgium also knows how to do it: La rentrée des classes, a new episode of the adventures of Coboy, Indien and Cheval, emblematic figures of the saga Panic in the Village, will prove it once again, if necessary.

Indian and Cowboy are ready to go on a beautiful cruise on a luxury liner, but they got confused: they completely forgot that today is the first day of school! Farewell to the exotic islands, the companions find themselves desperate on the benches of the school. To energize the beginning of the year and to welcome the new geography teacher, the director proposes a great contest. The winners will accompany Mr. Yuri for a day on the Moon. Indian and Cowboy are obviously willing to do anything to win this incredible prize.

After a series of 20 episodes that outlined the universe, a feature film and a first TV Special that explored its possibilities, Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar believe they still have a lot to learn about the many lives of Indian, Cowboy and Horse.  Marked by the Ernest and Celestine experience, the two directors and Vincent Tavier, their historical producer, decided that their characters would now be aimed at kids.

La Bûche de Noël also showed them the advantages of the 26-minute format, which is ideal for developing a unique subject while maintaining a steady pace and allowing a reasonable production time for wide distribution of the film (cinema, TV, DVD).

La Rentrée des Classes is therefore far from being the last adventure carried by the trio.