Wallimage 80th investment round celebrates European independent cinema and French blockbusters

  • 30.06.2016


In The Book of Vision the young Eva decides to quit a promising medical carrier in Europe to turn to the study of Medical History at an American University. There, she soon gets captivated by the story of a doctor from the 18th Century, so much that she ends up in a world where past and present start to overlap and finally merge…
Co-produced in Belgium by Entre Chien et Loup, the film is directed by Carlo Hintermann. Hintermann is not new to the field as he worked together with none other than Terence Malick on Palme d’Or winning film, The Tree of Life. This time, Terence Malick acts as the Executive Director, bringing on his regular director of photography Jörg Widmer. No doubt you will feel the rave influence of the artist’s universe that emerges from this production!

Carice van Houten (Melisandre in Game of Thrones) will play Eva alongside Belgian actor Jérémie Rénier and British actor Gabriel Byrne. A 22-day portion of the shooting will take place in Wallonia.


Another original and ambitious European co-production, submitted by Wrong Men, has been selected.

Good Favour will take you into a remote Christian community gripped by a crisis of faith. When a mysterious young visitor appears, bearing what might be supernatural powers, hope shines through again.
The film explores the ambiguous effects of religion and the dangers presented by radical fundamentalism.

After Pilgrimage, this is the second co-production between the Irish Savage Production (IRL) and Wrong Men. The mainly Irish production will be entirely shot in the Southeastern forests of Belgium, and part of the post-production will also take place in Wallonia. The cast is Irish, Scandinavian, and Belgian, with a good handful of Belgian actors in supporting roles.


In another vein, Wallimage greenlighted Bras ouverts, submitted by Nexus Factory. This is the new film by Philippe de Chauveron, director of the French box-office success Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au Bon Dieu?

In his new comedy, Philippe de Chauveron gently mocks a – French so-called – « bobo » (bourgeois-bohemian) whose home gets invaded by a Roma family. As a strong, recognised advocate for tolerance and openness, he will have to face the gap between theory and reality, and his own contradictions!
This co-production perfectly matches Wallimage’s mandate of developing the local audiovisual industry: the large-scale French production, entirely shot in Wallonia and using Walloon industry facilities and talented technicians, brings “structured” spending to the region. Unstoppable.


Wallimage selected another big production, presented by uMédia entitled “Alexandre himself” (“Alexandre lui-même’): a surprising and hilarious comedy, based on a simple but very original idea.

Screenwriters Hervé Jakubowicz and Dany Héricourt obviously had a tremendous time penning an unforgettable role for Manu Payet giving the film a great shot at doing well in theaters. And even more so, by casting Grégoire Ludig, a popular comedian with the younger generation (Babysitting) and French well-known Didier Bourdon (for the older generation), the producers have broadened the commercial spectrum of the project. Shot entirely in Belgium, it will partially be post-produced in Wallonia.


The final project selected by the Wallimage during its last session of the 2015/2016 season is a TV documentary receiving support from the TV investment line of the regional fund. André Cools – Une vie, un destin starts off with the death of the Walloon politician and moves back in time over the course of history. Directed by Daniel Remi who earned his spurs in television, most notably on Devoir d’enquête, the project is produced by Les Films de la Passerelle with the documentary film service of the RTBF.