Tiercé plus in Berlin for Wallimage

  • 21.01.2016


With his post-apocalyptic western, produced by Versus, Bouli Lanners takes us to an endless windswept plain. Cochise (Albert Dupontel) and Gilou (Bouli), two inseparable bounty hunters, are looking for a stolen phone with sensitive contents. Their path will cross that of Esther (Aurore Broutin) and Willy (David Murgia), a couple on the run, but also of a wise old man who has much to teach them (Michael Lonsdale). The film will be released in France on January 27 and in Belgium on February 24.

Produced by Arte, with Scope Pictures, for TV broadcast in France and Germany, The Road to Istanbul should be released in theaters everywhere else. So, here too.  If the film was essentially shot in Belgium with a largely Belgian technical team, it is not by chance: the script is adapted from a news story that took place in Wallonia and the director wanted to be as close to the truth as possible. He also called on a very Belgian cast with Astrid Whettnall in the main role. The unforgettable interpreter ofAu nom du fils is notably surrounded by the Montoise Pauline Burlet, and Patricia Ide, also director of the theater “Le Public”.

Very much in the news, this film tells the story of a mother confronted with the disappearance of her daughter, who is quickly located in Turkey, about to cross into Syria. With a friend, she decides to leave for the edge of the Orient to bring her daughter back to Belgium.


Baden Baden will be discovered at the 46th Forum organized within the framework of the Berlinale. Produced by Tarantula, Rachel Lang’s first feature film tells a chapter of Ana’s story, arriving at a pivotal point in her development (she is already the heroine of two of the director’s short films). At the age of 24, she left the shooting of a film on which she did not fit in to return to Strasbourg, the city of her adolescence. There, she made it her mission to change her grandmother’s bathtub for a walk-in shower, a configuration more adapted to her advanced age. During one summer, an old love affair resurfaces, her grandmother is hospitalized and Ana tries to cope with life.


Three films in Berlin is really good. But that’s not all…

During the Festival, the European Shooting Stars offers a showcase for emerging acting talent. This year, ten of the most promising European actors and actresses will participate in the event. At the heart of this selection, a Belgian woman : Martha Canga Antonio, main interpreter of Black, a film also co-financed by Wallimage.

This program is a launching pad for young European actors. It has seen the parade of talents now recognized as Daniel Craig, Carey Muligan, Alicia Vikander, Daniël Brühl or Melanie Laurent, but also some Belgians : Michaël Pas (1998), Filip Peeters (2001), Jérémie Renier (2002), Matthias Schoenaerts (2003), Cécile de France (2003), Marie Vinck (2005), and Kevin Janssens (2007). No Belgian had appeared in the last eight years.