Wallimage/Bruxellimage : 20th session - Series line : Veerle Baetens between four walls

  • 13.05.2015

Atmospheric series, built on a solid story, a strange climate and led by first-rate actors, all these series are to be classified in the “detective” or “noir” section, but have always, up to now, at one moment or another, flirted more or less openly with the fantastic. Whether it’s in their slow, mysterious atmosphere or outright through elements of their story.

With Beyond the Walls, the author tackles the genre head on. It will also be his shortest series since it will only have 3 episodes of 52 minutes which will be broadcast on Arte at the beginning of next year.
Co-produced by Scope Pictures, Beyond the Walls is scheduled to be broadcast on Arte in early 2016. And it will be entirely shot at home. The 30 days planned, from June 22 to July 31, are all located in Wallonia and Brussels.
And if we talk about it, it’s because the series will also be co-financed by Wallimage/Bruxellimage, as decided by its Board.


The icing on the cake: Veerle Baetens, the heroine of The Broken Circle Breakdown, will be the main actress. She will play Lisa, a rather mysterious young speech therapist who suddenly inherits the house of a man who has been dead for over 20 years. Lisa is not related to the dead man. She doesn’t know him at all and besides, she has only lived in the area for five years. Another oddity is that she lives in a tiny apartment that is… right across the street from the house.

But of course, the house is not just a gift from heaven. Little by little, the trap closes on the young woman: it is the house which will become the owner of Lisa, totally walled in.

A strange and scary story, Beyond the Walls is also a moving love story. But can we really afford the luxury of falling in love when we are trapped in such a dangerous place, forced to fight for our survival?

That’s what we’ll find out next year.

We are already looking forward to this event with great impatience…