Wallimage/Bruxellimage : a 13th session brings good luck

  • 31.01.2013

The Board of Directors unanimously decided to co-finance Les Ames de Papier, the new feature film by Vincent Lannoo. Produced in Belgium by Artemis, this romantic comedy that evolves on the edge of fantasy features a formidable quartet of actors: Stéphane Guillon, Julie Gayet, Jonathan Zaccaï and a thunderous Pierre Richard in great form. Currently shooting in Brussels, the film will soon leave for Luxembourg and then Paris. It will hopefully be released for the holiday season, because yes, it’s a nice Christmas movie.

The shooting of Het Vonnis will start soon. Produced by Eyeworks, this courtroom drama of Jan Verheyen should be a real blockbuster, performed by Koen De Bouw, Johan Leysen and Veerle Baetens, stars of Salamander, The Spiral and The Broken Circle Breakdown respectively! Without giving in to populism, the director plunges us into the world of a man who sees his wife and daughter die before his eyes. But due to a technicality, the murderer is released. Hence the nagging question: is abusing a procedural defect still justice? The producers believe that the French-speaking public will be very interested in the theme and should propose a French version. A first.

Another exciting project: Labyrinthus. A young boy discovers a strange video game in which the children of his neighborhood are projected. Half live action, half animation, this adventure film for young people is a project of Savage Film who brought us Rundskop. Lured by the project of Douglas Boswell (37 years old), who made his classes on TV series, Disney will take in hand the distribution. The potential of the film is international. Here too, a French version is planned.

Besides these three feature films, Wallimage/Bruxellimage will co-finance two TV series. First of all, a fictional one, very much expected, since it is the second season ofA Tort ou A Raison, a series that Belgian viewers discovered on RTBF. Marianne Basler , Alexandra Vandernoot, Bernard Yerles and Olivier Minne are back to try to solve three cases that will cover the six episodes of this second batch produced by Todo Today.

Did you know that? Between 1880 and World War I, 55 million Europeans emigrated to the United States. A few million of them travelled between Antwerp and New York with the Red Star Line. The story of this immigration will be told by Eklektik Productions in three 52′ documentaries and a feature film: testimonies from all over Europe, rare archive images: the series should interest many people, well beyond our borders.
Exciting, isn’t it? And very representative of the vitality of our production and its diversity.