Wallimage Entreprises enters the capital of NeuroMedia : new collaboration, international perspectives

  • 17.12.2020

The year 2020 will not have brought only bad news, as in the middle of the COVID crisis, Wallimage Entreprises enthusiastically adds to its portfolio the Walloon SME NeuroMedia, specialized in online audience measurement. The capital contribution of 150,000 € from the Walloon audiovisual fund and an equivalent investment from the Investsud fund will allow NeuroMedia to finance its international growth. In addition to their financial contribution, Wallimage Entreprises and Investsud will play an active role on the company’s board of directors. 

The story of NeuroMedia goes back to 2004, when Pierre Mengal, co-founder of the popular Belgian radio station ‘Warm FM’ also broadcasted on the Internet, was looking for an accurate measure of the success of his channel. Realizing that this information is too expensive to obtain, or simply non-existent for online broadcasting, he successfully developed his own audience measurement tool.

In 2014, he partnered with media data scientist Danny Donnen to create NeuroMedia. The start-up then offered its online audience measurement services to the RTBF, with a more sophisticated solution for data on the behavior of content consumers. Reputation made, it becomes in 2018 the reference of the Media Information Center (MIC) in audiometry of IP radio (radio broadcast on the internet in streaming). The DMR, the Danish equivalent of the CIM, will soon call on its services.

Recognizing that the need for web analytics extends far beyond the borders of Belgium, NeuroMedia’s founders need to take advantage of the company’s growth potential and conquer new markets.  By opening the capital of the company to Wallimage Entreprises and Investsud, they provide their company with the financial means and skills necessary to achieve its ambitions. 

For Wallimage Entreprises, this new investment marks the beginning of a promising collaboration with a company that stands out for the remarkable accuracy of the data it provides and for which, as Odile Malevé, our Investment Advisor, points out ” The time has come […] to activate foreign markets. 

You can find more information in the press release published this morning and which you can download via this link