Wallimage-Entreprises in Pole position

  • 27.08.2010

Just a few steps away from Liège’s hypercentre, the Pôle Image will be next to the impressive Médiacité complex, whose commercial section envelops 6.5 ha on the banks of the river Dérivation (a branch of the Meuse well-known to the inhabitants of Liège), but it also hosts the new, currently under construction RTBF Centre. The Pôle Image de Liège will find a home on a former industrial wasteland, cleverly rehabilitated by Gil Honoré, an architect with Atelier AIUD. It is set up as an “enterprise hall”, made up of office space and conference rooms of course, but also a HD projection room, a Dolby sound mixing studio and a modular set used for television and cinema. Add a reception area and a cafeteria capable of hosting cocktail parties and receptions and you will reach a total surface of 24,000 sqm, an attractive place for all members of the production chain, in fiction and in animation, from the scenario to the digital distribution in cinemas.

As noted in l’Écho , “The arrival of Wallimage holds a certain logic: this public fund’s aim is to grant aid to producers filming in Wallonia, so using local audiovisual companies. And with success: each film aided by Wallimage spends on average 3 times as much in the local audiovisual industry than what the Region invested. Today the Pôle Image hosts half a dozen companies: a sound studio (Sonicville), an animation studio (Nozon), digital cinema (XDC) and soon Sonuma (RTBF archives). Negotiations are underway with seven other companies.

To be Continued…