Wallimage-Entreprises takes over the small screens

  • 04.09.2012

At this point, Tapptic offers digital services in the mobile app domain, but also for tablets, connected television and more globally, on all screens. These applications are the heart of their activities. They revolutionize the way we use and access information. Media, B2C, B2B, entertainment … all fields evolve and most now include applications in their commercial and marketing strategies.

The iPhone and iPad dominated the market for a few years; however, nowadays a larger offer is available and continues to grow. Today, Android leads the sector, the Windows Phones will have a new interface which is said to be revolutionary, and WebApps are making an appearance in the mobile domain.

Tapptic already excels in consultancy, concept and design, integration and development, but also in the analysis, report and revenue-generating of applications. Web applications on computer and smartphones, connected TV and set top boxes, and Digital Signage, are some of the domains in which the company would like to progress.

To succeed with this leap forward, the company needs capital and logistics help. For this reason Wallimage Entreprises, after carefully analysing the financial health and potential of the company, became a shareholder of Tapptic Liège, which has been renamed Screenity in the same breath.

The Walloon fund intervenes by means of a participation in the capital and a loan. Like with all other investments, the goal of Wallimage Entreprises is to help this company grow, become as competitive as possible and in the end regain its autonomy.

On an international level (Tapptic has its branch in Brussels, but also subsidiaries in Antwerp, Hilversum and Paris), the company counts M6, Thales, Fun Radio, Paris Première, RTL and Clubic among its clients. As well as many more. Our favourite, of course, remains the “Qui est là?”(“Who is there?” app, developed around the hilarious flash films created by Charlie Dupont and Philippe Bourgueil.

It goes without saying that Wallimage Entreprises couldn’t pass up on the opportunity that the driving forces behind the Walloon industry may benefit from this expertise from Tapptic Liège, correction, Screenity.