Wallimage in your living room (the avalanche)

  • 15.09.2005

This month, Twin Pics is the privileged DVD partner of Wallimage with a triplet of crispy releases.
In addition to Un honnête commerçant (see next news), the Brussels-based company is releasing two other films co-produced by Wallimage.
Winner of the André Cavens award (best Belgian film 2004) and of a Golden Tulip at the Istanbul Film Festival, and also of two Joseph Plateau awards in 2004 (best Belgian director, best Belgian screenplay), La femme de Gilles is a DVD with a lot of added value and exciting bonuses: L’envers du désir is a 23-minute making of directed by Christine Rabette while Une lumière la nuit is a documentary by Nadia Benzekri on Madeleine Bourdouxhe (52 minutes). Next to the film offered in 1.85, DD5.1, + the Confidences of Frédéric Fonteyne, Emmanuelle Devos, Clovis Cornillac and Laura Smet (30 minutes) as well as the Instants sacrifiés by the director who comments on them (24 minutes).
The last release of the month, stamped Wallimage is none other than Le Couperet promised to be a success, if only by the presence of Karin Viard and José Garcia in the lead or by Costa-Gavras behind the camera. A trio that doesn’t just deliver, but turns Donald Westlake’s excellent novel into a film that is both funny and terrifying. A total success almost entirely shot in the Liège region, presented here in stereo or in DD 5.1, with some bonuses (documentaries on the shooting, interviews). Wallimage in your living room ? In this new school year 2005, it’s three times more fun.