Wallimage to hold a Master Session in September 2024

The audiovisual world is changing fast, and even more so since Covid has profoundly altered viewer practices. What’s more, Belgian producers now enjoy a reputation that enables them to take part in major international co-productions. The Tax Shelter is an essential asset for their participation in this type of project, and we felt it was important for Wallimage to adapt to this new situation as well.

Wallimage’s Board of Directors, meeting on Tuesday December 19, approved an initiative that had been studied for many months by the fund and verified point by point by its legal counsel: the creation of a Master Session.

In particular, this approach is in line with the adoption of European Parliament Directive (EU) 2018/1808, which brings within the scope of regulation international video-on-demand platformsto contribute to the financing of audiovisual and cinematographic creation, according to the rules applicable to the countries they target.

The aim of this Master Session is to develop a system that will position Wallonia advantageously so that these new obligations generate positive effects in our Region. It also aims to strengthen the strategic position of Belgian producers keen to join forces with major international projects and to locate a significant proportion of their production in Wallonia.

Full Master Session rules are available and will be explained at an information session organized as part of the Ramdam Festival in Tournai on January 17 at 2pm. Mark your calendars now!

Please also note that our regulations have been updated and will apply from the first session in 2024.

  • 16.01.2024

How will the Master Session work?

Our first Master Session will take place in September 2024. With a one-off investment of €1 million, it will replace the session traditionally held at this time of year. This sum will be awarded in its entirety to one and only one Belgian producer on the basis of a dossier presenting several works (minimum 2, maximum 8) to be launched within three years, and generating a significant rate of spin-offs in the Walloon Region.

Projects submitted by a Belgian producer can be feature films and/or live-action series. Animation is excluded from the scope of this initiative. Several projects must be identified at the time of submission, but not all of them will necessarily generate RW expenditure.

The custodian must find a partner (an international broadcaster/producer and/or international streaming platform) targeting the Belgian territory. partner must be firmly committed at the time of submission: there must be a signed contract with a firm commitment to a minimum amount of Walloon expenditure eligible under the fund.

The other sessions will be held as usual in January, March, June and November, with a total prize fund of 5 million euros (i.e. 1.250 m euros/session).

If the Master Session 2024 is deemed a success by Wallimage, its authorities and partners, it could be repeated as early as 2025 and potentially become an annual event. If, on the other hand, the applications received for this Master session do not meet the Fund’s objectives, none of them will be selected and the million euros will be reallocated to the November 2024 and January 2025 sessions.

A simplified process

The main criteria for assessing applications will be the cultural criterion, the viability of the projects, the credibility of the producer and his partner, the sustainability of the works, the strategic relevance of the proposed partnership and the amount of eligible Walloon expenditure generated by the projects identified, as well as their structuring character.

The current average payback rate achieved by the Fund, via its classic selective mechanism, is around 600%. In this case, the Fund is aiming for a rate of around 1000%, i.e. eligible expenditure of 10 million euros or more. However, this is an objective, not a condition of eligibility.

In return, revenue transfers to the fund will be an asset, giving rise to a points bonus, but they are not a mandatory criterion.


Session 1

  • Deposit: January 18, 2024
  • Producer meetings: February 05-06, 2024
  • Decentralized Coproduction Council: February 19, 2024

Session 2

  • Deposit date: March 21, 2024
  • Producer meetings: April 08-09, 2024
  • Decentralized Coproduction Council: April 15, 2024

Session 3

  • Deposit date: June 03, 2024
  • Producer meetings: June 19-20, 2024
  • Decentralized Coproduction Council: July 1, 2024

Session 4 “MASTER

  • Deposit date: September 05, 2024
  • Producer meetings: September 23-24, 2024
  • Decentralized Coproduction Council: October 7, 2024

Session 5

  • Deposit date: November 14, 2024
  • Producer meetings: December 02-03, 2024
  • Decentralized Coproduction Council: December 16, 2024