Wallimage very present in Berlin.

  • 03.02.2017

Many films co-financed by Wallimage will be offered to international sellers, but the Walloon fund will also be represented in the German capital in the official selections by two completely new feature films. Three works initiated or co-produced in Belgium by Entre chien et Loup.

In Bye Bye Germany, Sam Garbarski tells the story of how a few Jewish friends consider restarting their lives in Germany at the end of the war in a catastrophic economic context. This decision is all the more audacious since the American authorities are carrying out an enormous investigation to flush out all those who collaborated with the Nazi regime, from near or far. Here, the Belgian filmmaker directs again the German superstar Moritz Bleibtreu who was already the star of Vijay and I, his previous feature film. A great historical fresco on a subject that is definitely out of the ordinary, Bye Bye Germany (Es war einmal in Deutschland) will be screened on Friday, February 10 in a special gala session


Scheduled at the Forum, the most daring section of the event with a World Premiere on the same day at 6:30 pm, Barrage offers a completely different profile and a very appealing particularity.
Co-written by Luxembourg director Laura Schroeder and French writer Marie Nimier, the film tells the story of how Catherine, a young woman in her thirties, returns to Luxembourg to reconnect with her daughter Alba, whom she had entrusted to her mother Elisabeth ten years earlier. A story of mothers and daughters on the screen as in life since Isabelle Huppert who plays the role of Elisabeth is confronted here with Lolita Chammah who is none other than her own daughter. The two actresses had already met face to face in Copacabana, one of the beautiful surprises of 2010.


Since 2015, the Berlinale also offers a selection of the best international series of the moment. During the last editions, little jewels like Top of the Lake or The Night Manager were presented in World Premiere. It is within the framework of this Special Series that Zone Blanche, a fantastic detective series co-produced in Belgium by Be Films and co-financed by Wallimage will be presented. The title refers to a geographical area not covered by the telephone network. In this case, a small village lost in the middle of the forest where murders and disappearances multiply while the mysteries of the past resurface in the present. In the casting some Belgian actors like Renaud Rutten and Laurent Capelluto. In particular…