Walloon Survival kit

  • 21.05.2008

Everybody knows by now that the Walloons have arrived on the Croisette. Many of them, even. But, just like in the Tour de France, they do not come without their equipment nor their little vitamins.

Because they are always concerned about keeping the morale and integrity of their troops and about gaining all sorts of producers and directors for their cause, our regional contingent has decided to hand out a survival kit to all their hosts from Cannes. This package is essential to come back healthy from the Croisette, after taking in so many unforgettable images.

First thing it contains is the essential Wallonia shoot guide which presents all strong points our region possesses, nowadays a necessary tool to make a feature film worth anything (five movies at Cannes … perhaps it’s still not enough for some?). Next is a bow tie, for those absent-minded people who might’ve brought a smoking but forgot this ultimate accessory. Also in the bag are sunscreen, a couple of condoms (do you ever know), two Alca-Selzers for the next morning (which at Cannes is nothing more than the beginning of a new night) and a few other gadgets that are both futile yet crucial during a stay.

Wallonia? Yes we Cannes!