Walloon technology offensive in Cannes

  • 04.05.2011

Sometimes active in the rental of equipment for filming (such as TSF.Be-Athalys) where they put their knowledge of the tools at the service of Belgian or European cinematographers, or in post-production where the services offered cover all stages from editing to color grading (Dame Blanche, Mikros Image Liège) and special effects (Digital Graphics , Benuts and Mikros again), through mixing(L’Equipe Wallonie or SonicPil) or sound effects(Genval les Dames), or gaming(Belle Productions), these companies are constantly evolving and now offer high value-added services. They will all meet, together with the Pôle Image de Liège, on the Belgium Pavilion (International Village, 134 – Film Market) to showcase their skills.

This pavilion also brings together the Federal Government in its Tax Shelter activity and of course the regional initiatives Cinema Made In Wallonia and Cinema Made In Brussels which includes the regional investment funds Bruxellimage and Wallimage; the filming reception offices(Clap!, Batch, Agence du Film and Bruxelles Tournage) and TWIST as well as the German-speaking community.

These companies adapt to the expectations of professionals, because the world of audiovisual is in perpetual mutation. The trend of the 2010s is crossmedia, a convergence of media and supports that enriches the message by diversifying the approaches.

Now at the forefront of the evolution, the Walloon Region will announce in Cannes a new initiative that may do a lot of good to the regional technology industries… and to the film industry. Jean-Claude Marcourt, Walloon Minister of Economy will officially launch a fund to support the development of crossmedia within the framework of… Wallimage, of course.
But we will talk about this at length during the crazy Cannes fortnight that awaits us.