Wallywood, a numerical balance sheet

  • 06.05.2019

Organized to present to the general public the Walloon audiovisual companies in a playful and good-natured context, the Week-End Wallywood on Tour(ne) was a huge success!

In all, a little more than 1,500 people attended the 12 locations and 12 rooms where the activities proposed by 21 Walloon audiovisual companies were concentrated.

170 video clips were made in 2 days featuring apprentice actors who share the results of their trial extensively available on the Wallywood YouTube channel.

75 “remakes” were shot on Saturday 27: 23 “Visiteurs” in Namur, 25 “Potiche” in Louvain la Neuve and 27 “Duelles” in Liège (several of them under the direction of Olivier Masset Depasse himself!)

Record beaten on Sunday 28th with a total of 95 “remakes”: 28 “Jeux d’Enfants” in Alleur, 29 “Ennemis Publics” in Fourneau Saint Michel (all in the presence of Jean-Jacques Rausin!) and … 38 “Raid Dingue” in Marcinelle!

The KeyWall/DreamWall site attracted the most participants thanks to a one and a half hour guided tour of the most exciting, just behind the Digital Graphics site which had organized a very festive Sunday around the making of the Toto animated series. We can also be pleased to note that the sites that did not host “real fake shootings” recorded scores comparable to the other locations with a special mention for those of Genval les Dames or Benuts whose walls should have been able to be pushed back…

On this weekend alone, there were 895 installations of the “Wallywood” application (520 on Saturday and 375 on Sunday). Our app has now 1320 active users: 749 on iPhone and 571 on different Android mobile phones. A score comparable to that of the subscribers to his Facebook page

The Wallywood app also offers: 154 movies, 304 locations, 350 videos and 1050 photos. And cd is of course only a (very good) start!