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  • 25.01.2011

For a few months now, a nagging question has been appearing in most Belgian newspapers: is a comparable tourist phenomenon possible in Belgium after Dany Boon ‘s new film? Comparable, surely not. Because if Berck really exists, Rien à Déclarer was not shot in Courquain, but in Macquenoise in a hardly natural setting. Everything looks so real. Everything looks so realistic… And yet… If you have no idea of the impressive work done by the film’s decorators, we suggest this exciting little report by téléMb . In a few minutes, you will learn how the Hainaut filming office identified the ideal location and how the production adapted it to the needs of the script. For more information and a cross-border vision, we also recommend an article from La Voix du Nord which dwells on the village’s transformation.

Whatever the name of the town, the inhabitants of the region were particularly sensitive to the filming; a curiosity amplified by the arrival in the area of an outstanding cast: the cream of Belgian cinema and some popular French stars gathered in a place generally forgotten by the media, it is already an attraction for everyone. The Net is full of photos taken on the spot by curious people. To discover pictures as original as nice, we suggest you for example Paul Schuller’s blog . So the French are not so jealous to have seen a potentially profitable shooting escape for them.

It must be said that in the region, if there are probably still a few cantankerous Ruben Vandevoorde, French and Belgians live in perfect harmony. Some of them, without waiting for Dany B’s blessing, even got married and had many children.

In life too, some love stories end well.